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ConTact CARE

ConTact CARE - Flinchlock Release is a pain-free, hands-on treatment. 

I began training in ConTact CARE after seeing great results in my children after treatments and am continuing my education in this modality.

So what exactly is it? 

If you have a surprise impact trauma (which can range from stubbing your toe to a major accident), your body triggers its self-defence system. This skeletal sensory shock becomes trapped in the bone and is known as a flinchlock.

Where the flinchlock is held in your body generally doesn’t hurt.  It may feel heavy or numb, or you may feel nothing there at all.

But once a flinchlock occurs, the rest of the body then works to compensate for it, causing a flow-on effect. 

 It can over-ride your nervous and reflex systems, creating pain, tension and other issues long after the original injury has healed.

Flinchlock ConTact CARE is a method that releases that trapped pressure in the bone. This allows the body to rebalance and compensation pain and injuries to resolve.

Most people carry multiple flinchlocks although they are unable to remember when and how the impact that caused it occurred. 


So how does it work?

Contact CARE is a hands-on therapy. It is a gentle, safe, and effective technique. 

 There are no manipulations and treatments are pain-free.

Using a gentle assessment to find the flinchlocks, simple and pain-free movements allow the pressure to release from the bone and move out of your system.

You remain fully clothed in a sitting, standing, or lying position – whatever is most comfortable for you.

It is comfortable and safe for all ages.

What can it help with?

In general, ConTact Care can help any condition involving musculo-skeletal discomfort, tension, stress or pain.

 This includes:

• Back and neck pain

• Headaches / migraines

• Old unresolved Injuries

• Sleep issues and disorders

• Stress, anxiety or depression

• Concussion

• Breathing issues or disorders

• Sports Injuries

• Co-ordination issues

Any new or long-term body pain or issues that you’ve been struggling with.

What does a session involve?

Sessions last 30-60 minutes with a return visit according to your needs.

Please wear comfortable clothing that you can move easily in.

Everyone is unique, so healing times and the number of visits needed will vary. 

But generally, four visits should sort your problem.

If the treatment helps, then the problem comes back it means we haven’t found all the underlying flinchlocks so another treatment will be needed for a full release and lasting healing.

You can book a ConTact CARE treatment and follow it up with a massage for ultimate self-care. 
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