True Nature NZ


True Nature NZ range of balms and creams are hand-made with love
and use the best of nature's ingredients.

TrueNatureNZ Skin Balm

A beeswax based balm infused with lavender essential oil (absolute essentials).  Made with locally sourced beeswax, organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, almond oil and a little bit of love.

This balm is effective on chapped and dry skin, insect bites, minor burns, babies bottoms and more!

What people are saying: 

"I haven't had any problems with dry cracked skin since using this balm"  Ross (gardener)

TrueNatureNZ Skin Pure

A beautiful face cream. Designed to soothe and restore. 

Infused with chamomile, giving this cream an affinity for skin and naturally enhancing it's healing ability.  

This cream can be used on all skin types and can bring relief and regeneration to dry and damaged skin.

Free from chemical additives and preservatives.  

White cream is made in small batches to ensure it is fresh when you receive it.

Hand made, with love x

What people are saying:

"OMG my skin is thanking you!!! Nothing comes even close to your moisturizer. God I've missed it. Thank you soooo much" Sarah - artist.

TrueNatureNZ Cold Sore Balm

A beeswax based balm infused with lemon balm herb.

Lemon balm is proven to be effective against the herpes virus.

​People have found this balm effective at stopping the development of a cold sore in its tracks.

What people are saying:

 "I've had a couple of pre cold sore symptoms and have used your balm each time, with success!"

"My son had several cold sores around his mouth, they were fully developed, your balm helped heal them much faster and provided him good relief. I think your product is a winner!"